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Microgenics Selenium 150mcg One A Day 60 Capsules

Selenium is a mineral that plays a major role in many important processes in the body. As an antioxidant, it helps protect against oxidative stress that damages healthy cells. Oxidative stress has been linked to many chronic health conditions

Maintains healthy thyroid hormones

The thyroid gland has the highest levels of selenium in the body, because it is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Selenium helps protect the thyroid against oxidative damage and plays an essential role in converting the largely inactive thyroid hormone T4 into the active T3. An observational study on over 6,000 people found that low serum levels of selenium were associated with an increased risk of hypothyroidism, especially in women.

Supports the immune system
Selenium also has an impact on the immune system. It helps protect immune cells, supports the production of antibodies and makes them more effective at destroying viruses and bacteria. Studies have shown that increased blood levels of selenium are associated with an enhanced immune response. On the other hand, deficiency has been linked to a slower immune response.

Supports male preconception health
In men, selenium is important for producing sperm and testosterone. A study of men with fertility issues showed that supplementing with selenium improved sperm motility and thus male fertility.

▪ Selenium helps maintain healthy thyroid hormones
▪ Selenium can help support the immune system
▪ Selenium may help support male preconception health

▪ 1-A-DAY dose
▪ Suitable for vegans and vegetarians (if not supplied in softgel)

Selenium 150mcg One-a-day contains the mineral Selenium to help prevent
Selenium deficiency when dietary intake is inadequate. Selenium acts as an
antioxidant to reduce free radicals formed in the body.
▪ Acts as an antioxidant
▪ Supports immune system health
▪ Maintains healthy thyroid hormones in healthy adults
▪ Supports preconception health, sperm production and sperm health in healthy males

INGREDIENTS (per hard capsule)
Selenomethionine 372.6 micrograms
Equiv. to Selenium 150 micrograms

Wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy products, egg, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners.

Store below 30°C. Keep away from children.

Adults, take 1 hard capsule, once daily with water.
Or as directed by your health professional.

WARNING: This product contains selenium
which is toxic in high doses. A daily dose of
150 micrograms for adults of selenium from
dietary supplements should not be exceeded.
Minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake
is inadequate. Do not use if cap seal or if inner seal
is missing, torn or broken.

If taking prescription medication or if in doubt consult your healthcare professional