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Microgenics Omega 3 Triple Strength Fish Oil 150 Capsules

It is recommended that we eat 1–3 serves of fish per week1. There are numerous reasons why people may not meet this requirement, including affordability, quality and dietary preferences. If dietary is intake in inadequate, a good quality fish oil supplement may help.


Natural source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids
Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is not the only source for omega-3
fatty acids, it is found in plants as well. However, fish oil is rich in EPA and DHA,
while the omega-3 in plant sources is predominantly ALA which the human body
can’t convert efficiently2,3. This makes fish oil an easier source of omega-3 fatty
acids than plant oil.

Supports brain health and the nervous system
The human brain is nearly 60% fat4. Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are
critical for normal brain function and development throughout all stages of life.
Several studies show that when pregnant women consume fish oil, their children
have higher scores on tests of intelligence and brain function in early childhood.5,6
Lower levels of DHA in the blood have been associated with smaller brain size7
and with impaired cognitive function. Numerous clinical trials have shown that
supplementing with DHA can help improve cognition in people of all ages,
ranging from infants to elderly8,9,10. EFAs also affects moods. Depression rates
are up to 10 times higher in countries with limited seafood intake11; and studies
show that supplementing with EFA’s can help improve depression12,13,14. Due to
EFA anti-inflammatory actions. Researchers have observed elevated levels of
inflammatory markers in those with depression, and noted that lowering the levels
of inflammatory markers improved moods15,16

Support healthy eye function
DHA accounts for more than 1/3 of the fatty acids in the retina of the eye. EFAs
are essential for the development of the eyes in babies, and may help protect
adult eyes from macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. The AREDS 1&2
studies found participants who reported the highest level of omega-3 fatty acids
in their diet were 25-30% less likely to develop macular degeneration during a
12-year period17.

Support heart health
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of death in Australia. It kills one
Australian every 12 minutes; and 73% of Australians aged 30 to 65 years have
been told by their doctor they have at least one risk factor for heart disease18.
Research shows that taking fish oil supplements for at least six months can
reduce the risk of heart-related events in people who are at high risk of heart
disease19. Studies also report that taking fish oil supplements can lead to modest
reductions in blood pressure20. There is also scientific evidence that omega-3 fatty
acids can reduce blood triglyceride levels21 and can help improve HDL or “good”
cholesterol levels22.

Note: research shows omega-3 fatty acids need to be taken for at least 6 months
before results are noticeable.
Help reduce inflammation and joint pain
Inflammation is a sign that the body is fighting an infection or sustained an injury.
Inflammation is an essential part of the healing response. However, problems
start to arise when inflammation continues for a long time it may become chronic

Fish oil can help reduce inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties and
reduces the body producing inflammatory substances. For this reason, fish oil
may bring relief to those with painful, swollen joints – for instance in osteoarthritis
or rheumatoid arthritis26. Research shows that people with non-specific joint pain
noticed an improvement in their pain levels when they took an omega-3 fish oil

▪ Fish oil can help support heart health
▪ Fish oil is essential for brain development and can help improve cognition and moods
▪ Fish oil can help support eye health

▪ High strength fish oil
▪ Vanilla flavoured

Microgenics Omega 3 Triple Strength Fish Oil contains the omega-3 fatty acids,
docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which are
important as they are not produced efficiently in the body, and are therefore
recommended to be obtained from the diet. EPA and DHA support healthy heart
and healthy cardiovascular system function. DHA supports eye health and also
maintains brain function.

ü DHA supports eye health and maintains brain function
ü EPA and DHA support healthy heart and healthy cardiovascular
system function
ü DHA maintains general health and wellbeing

INGREDIENTS (per capsule)
Concentrated Fish Omega-3 Triglycerides 1.55g (1,550mg)
Containing Omega-3 marine triglycerides 930mg
Equiv. to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 558mg
Equiv. to docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 372mg

Wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy products, egg, colours, or sweeteners.

Store below 30°C, away from children. Take in conjunction with a healthy
balanced diet.